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Forgotten Heroes

If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten
Rudyard Kipling

As the darkness enveloped the world so did the night slowly fall onto the path of a young prince. The story I am going to tell you is a long lost legend, of heroic deeds, love and camaraderie. It all started somewhere in the desert as a prince all dressed in white, with his face covered by a hood was traveling on a white horse towards his home. A lovely city built around an oasis that was set at the base of a small mountain right in the middle of a large desert. After a long and tiring trip he finally reached his destination. Approaching a golden gate decorated with gems of all colors, he is stopped by one of the guards.

- Stop there traveler, said a soldier, with what business do you wish to enter?

- I am coming home to see my father, the Emir. Said the young Prince

- Price Razin please forgive me I didn’t recognize you.

No harm done, please I have been away for a long time could someone help me, the streets don’t look the same.

- Immediately sir I will bring you a guide.

A few minutes later a captain with a dozen guards greeted the young prince.

- We are happy to see you home and well our prince. Said the captain. Please let use escort you to the royal palace.

- There was no need to bring with you all these guards please send them back home.

- But my prince there here for your protection.

- Captain there is no need for guards, in my one city.

- You don’t understand my prince, something has happened while you were gone. Let’s get you to the palace and I will explain on the way as best as I can. Said the Captain

- I am gone a few years and everything falls apart, please tell me what’s new. Said Prince Razin

- Well everything started when the palace lighted up in one night a few weeks ago. Some of the priests started saying that a portal opened and that was just the start of all of it. People started to freak out; some of the priests lead revolts all over the city to overturn your father. Said the Captain

- I see the place is a bit trashed up. I think here was a temple the last time I was around here on this street. Near that fountain, in the middle of this intersection, me and my friends used to play or make pranks on the priests or on anybody that passed by.

Now I can’t hear the noises of the crowed, the laughter of kids, the temple is burned down … now I see a couple of angry people coming this way. And if I am not mistaken those aren’t torches or pitchforks those are swords and spears. Said the Prince

- Let’s leave my Prince and fast. Said the Captain

- Get him that must be prince Razin. Saied one of the angry men

With a quick and sharp move the prince jumped off his horse and into the middle of the guards.

- Try not to kill them. He ordered

- Men you heard the Prince, defensive positions. Shouted the Captain

As the Captain ordered his men the eyes of the mob turned burning red and a mysterious grey mist surrounded them. Leading them was a priest all in black with a large cane from which a light as red as the eyes of the people came.

- Captain take care of the mob, I will have a little chat with the priest. Said the Prince

He ran straight thought the angry people, closer and closer to each and every one closer and closer to each of these sharp weapons. As soon as he reached the priest, he pulled out his sword and with a flick of the wrist he took a swing at him. The cane blocked the blow but it got broken, in that moment the spell that was over the poor men was broken. Prince Razin left as soon as the squabble was over, the soldiers arrested the priest as soon as he was on his feet.

As the night was enveloping the city, the prince is running on the streets straight for his father’s palace. With his mind heavy with thought, looking frightened right and left he reached the gates and shouted.

- Let me in, I am Razin the Emir’s son.

- Immediately my Prince. Said a soldier

As he entered the palace’s court, he ran straight up the stairs and entered a large hall. Where he was stopped by one of his father’s men:

- Where are you running like that, your father knows you are here and he wants you to rest first, you must be tired? Asked the man

- But haven’t you looked out the window, the city is in ruin, burning people are rioting.

Said the Prince

- Your father knows and he wants you first to rest. Said the man

As soon as the prince’s head hit the pillow he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up, had a nice meal changed his clothes and barged into his father’s office.

- Hello father. Said the Prince

- Hello my son, are you rested? Asked Razin’s father

- Yes father, may I have an explanation of some sorts as in how the city got into this mess? Asked the Prince

- You may my son. Come with me I have to show you something. Said the Prince’s father

They took a walk on a large corridor that led to a large golden gate decorated with green gemstones.

- When I was a kid I begged you to let me see what is behind this gate. Something terrible must be going on if you are showing me what is past this gate.

- Yes my son, evil from the past is trying to get out from its prison, and it must be stopped. Said Prince’s father

They went down what seemed an endless stairway lighted by dozens and dozens of torches and into a large library. Thousands and thousands of books, scrolls, tablets and carpets on all the walls.

- Father why did you keep all of this from me? Asked Razin

- Well son behind these carpets here. And they walked through the book shelf’s to a large wall in the back. Here my son is an old legend that all the kings before me have kept save from harm’s way.

- What father? Asked Razin

- I will star one curtain at a time, so you can understand.

- But father what could an old legend help us now, the city is almost in ruin. Said Razin

- You will see, now let me tell you a story. Said the Emir

- All right father I will listen. Please start. Said Razin

- It all started a long, long time ago in a distant land that is no more. These forgotten people were considered the brightest of them all; they had their capital city on a large island right off the Iberian coast called Atlantis. These people had a mixed culture, strong economy and an invincible army and large fleet. But they grew overconfident, and then disaster struck. Besides the gold paved streets, imposing buildings they had a large temple in the middle of the city. That was constructed long before the rest of the town. An epic battle was waged at the down of time between good and evil. Good won but with a terrible cost, the realized to imprison evil and his armies. The decedents of those who defeated the darkness where the Atlantians that swore to keep them imprisoned for ever. And at the price of their civilization they realized to carry the oath.

The Dark one tried to escape from his prison, they fought with everything they had. An epic battle took place on the streets. They won, but the island sunk. In the last moments they opened portals to different places and times, sending artifacts with guards to keep them safe. Here under this veil here; and they walked to a stone table that had what seemed to be a sword covered by a purple veil. Is one of those artifacts a sword that they first used to imprison the Dark one. Take it it’s yours.

- Father for what? Asked the Prince

- You will go on a long journey to a far away land and you will need it.

- Wait a moment, the Dark one is trying to get out again and I must stop him? Asked the Prince

- Yes my son you must.

- But my father doesn’t this honor fall on one of my older brothers? Asked the Prince

- No my son, you were born and prepared for this. That is why you studied in all those distant places.

- I don’t have a say in this do I. Said the Prince

- I’m sorry my son but you don’t. Now come let’s go in the temple, I have something to show you.

While he was climbing the stairs, the prince gently took the blade out of its scabbard. Tucking the cold steel, a chill crawled on his back. The immortality of the events before overwhelmed his mind, flashed of places, people started to project onto his eyes, his heart filled up with every feeling imaginable. In that moment he stopped, his father grabbed him by the hand and asked him.

- Is there something you wish to share with me?

- No, the past few hours are somewhat overwhelming. Said the Prince

- I am sorry my son I can’t help you more. Now let’s go.

The moment they entered the temple room the prince face became white as the mountain snow. A large round portal right in the middle of the room, all the shades of red and grey you could imagine. After a few moments a Captain entered the room.

- My King, My prince. The legion is ready, 1000 of the finest the guard can offer. Said the Captain

- What legion, Father are you sending an army thought the portal? Asked the Prince

- Yes my son and you will lead it.

- What, father… Yes father I will.

- I understand my son that this is much to take in such a short time but you must understand that if the Dark one escapes we are all doomed. Said the Emir

- Who is leading the legion? Asked the Prince

- The Captain here. Why? Asked the Emir

- I must request a different Captain; may the one that protected me yesterday replace this one? Asked the Prince

- But my son you will need an experienced captain to help you. Said the Emir

- This is the only thing I will request I promise. Said the Prince

- Ok my son. I will grant your request. Said the Emir

As soon as the Captain arrived the soldiers started passing through the portal. They watched the soldiers passed through the portal.

- I am honored because you choose me. Said the Captain

- I need a good man to lead the troops if I can’t. That idiot my father prepared to lead the troops wasn’t fit for the job. Said the Prince

After all of the soldiers passed through the portal, they found themselves in a foggy forest. On the other side, there were two large stones on each side of the portal. They started walking on an old road, after a while they reached an old temple well hide by the trees and plants. The soldiers made camp outside, while the Prince entered the temple. After trying to open the door several times he just kicked it down, lit a torch and started walking down this old hallway that was covered with text from half a dozen languages. At the end his walk, entered this large round room in which he found several portals. Each one had a designated number that was shown of a large map which was carven on the side of the wall. On a stone support the prince found a dusty old parchment with a map. All the places that where lit up on the stone map were also on the parchment.

He rushed out the temple and gone straight to the Captain.

- Take care of the camp, explore the temple and I don’t know if something is bothering you ask me know before I leave. Said the Prince

- First where are you leaving? Asked the Captain

- There are a few portals, and I wish to explore them and find the other artifacts. And no I don’t need protection, I am going alone. Said the Prince

- Ok my prince. Said the Captain

The prince started walking again through the temple’s hallway. His mind filled with dough, fear of what might be on the other side. Looking around at each and every portal he passed through the portal that leads to a new continent that he didn’t know about.

On the other side he found himself in a strange looking place. It was a camp, in the middle of a forest by a river. Strange looking tents, like cons from which red skinned people exited. A lovely girl with black hair and green eyes approached him. As she spoke the green gemstone from her necklace started shining, and so did he’s necklace that coincidently looked the same.

- Hello, who are you? Asked the pretty girl

- I can understand you, my name is Razin I am a prince from a far away land.

- I can to, but my people say they can’t understand you. My name is Angeni

- Nice to meet you, I am here to collect an old artifact. From what I understand they can be used against evil that was trapped long ago. Or so the legend says.

- Such a legend about an evil demon that was trapped long ago I hear from my grandmother. The artifact you must be speaking of must be this bow. And she presented him an old bow that seemed to be made of wood that was encrusted with the same green gemstones like the ones from their necklace.

- May I take it, from what I understand from my father I must stop the Dark one using these artifacts. Said Razin

- No way mister, I swore an oath to my grandmother that I won’t lose it from my sight. Said Angeni

- Then would you like to come with me on my journey? Asked Razin

- Yes I would love to. Said Angeni

After she spoken with what seamed her father or the tribe leader, they left back through the portal. The first moments back in the temple she asked him.

- What is this place?

- Well an old race our forefathers built it. I think it must have resurfaced. Said Razin

- What? Asked Angeni

- The last time he tried to escape the island sunk like a stone. Said Razin

The Captain came running to him after a few seconds.

- My prince you are back so soon?

- What I have been away for hours… I must have been to another time my father said they hid the artifacts in distant places and other times. What was it that you wanted to say to me? Asked Razin

- We explored the temple and found an old gate that is cracked and we hear pounding from the other side. Some strange mist is exiting through the cracks as well. Said the Captain

- Try to seal them with something and reinforce the door. We don’t want whatever is on the other side to get out. Ordered Razin

- Understood sir. Said the Captain

- I will try my luck with another portal, take care Captain. The prince shaked his hand and wished him luck.

As the prince and Angeni walked through another portal the Captain started running straight for the gate to pass on the orders. On the other side of the portal they found themselves in a Greek city surrounded by guards. Razin observed that one of them was wearing a green gemstone necklace, and he spoke to him.

- Hello we mean you no harm, see I have a necklace just like you.

- I can understand you, what sorcery is this Persian? Asked the soldier

- An old one, but I assure that we mean you no harm. My name is Razin she is Angeni

- From where did you get that necklace? Asked the soldier

- My mother, may I know your name I have told you mine? Asked Razin

- All right Persian, My name is Theseus.

Razin’s face turned white. Angeni approached him slowly and whispered something.

- What is it?

- Nothing for know, maybe I will tell you later. After that Razin asked Theseus. We are here to retrieve an artifact. It could have green gemstones like the ones on your necklace. We need it to stop an old demon.

- What that old legend about that evil demon. There is only one “artifact” with green gemstones is an old spear. I can get it for you just wait here. Said Theseus

After a while he returned with the spear.

- It seems I must go with you. My father obligated me to embark on this lovely trip so I can get myself killed by a thousand year or so demon. Let’s go. Ooo I forgot I must take with me a legion of around 400 men. Is there a problem? Asked Theseus

- No the more the better. We will need to defend the gates of hell from opening. Said Razin.

They passed through the portal and found themselves back in the temple. Razin had to explain to his Captain that the Greek soldiers will be there as allies, or they would have cracked their skulls open in a minute.

After a few moments of inspecting the work his soldiers have done in reinforcing the door Razin took Angeni and Theseus and passed through another portal. They found themselves in a northern place, snow everywhere.

- What is it Persian you cold? Asked Theseus ,after that he had a good laugh and patted him on the back and said. You’re all right for Persian

- Well thank you. Know may we find what were looking for and fast I am freezing? Asked Razin

- Yes Persian, we will. It looks like we are near a village. See the smoke, a little walk through that little wood and were there. Said Theseus

- Let’s move I hate this weather. I see you came ready with your fur coat. Said Razin

- Yes, I came prepared better safe than sorry. Said Angeni

- Is there place in there for one more? Asked Razin

- Maybe, come I wouldn’t stand to hear you whine the whole way there. Said Angeni

They slowly walked through the snow covered forest. Even if Angeni took him under her coat Razin still complained.

- My feet are freezing. I can’t feel them. Said Razin

- Who put those sandals in your feet, it wasn’t me or Theseus. Said Angeni

- No it was me. Said Razin

- Then stop complaining. Let’s talk about something else. Said Angeni

- Like what? Asked Razin

- Well what is your favorite color? Asked Angeni

- Blue. Yours?

- I don’t have one. How about you Theseus

- I don’t know black. Said Theseus

- How can’t you have a favorite color? Asked Razin

- I simple don’t have one. I hate red, orange and yellow and I can say I like white and purple but no favorite. Said Angeni

After their walk through the snow they reached the village. Besides the smoke coming out of the chimneys nothing was moving. They reached a large house knocked on the door and a large man as tall as the door opened it. He had a beard, long hair both read as hot fire.

With a trembling voice Razin asked:

- Hello, May we enter?

The giant startled stepped aside and let them in. They ran straight for the fireplace.

- I can understand you, but from your clothes you come from far away. Said the giant

- Are you wearing a necklace? Asked Razin

- No. Why? Asked the giant

- Then something with green gemstones? Asked Angeni

- Yes a bracelet, which was given to me by my father. Why? Asked the giant

- Well that bracelet is an old artifact from our ancestors. It has a spell on it, which lets us understand each other. Said Razin

- Do you know of other artifacts with green gemstones? Asked Angeni

- Yes, but we need to take a little trip. By the way may I know your names? Mine is Erik

- Ooo Sorry, I am Angeni the silent one is Theseus, and these freezing foul over here is Razin.

- Where must we take this trip? Hope it’s somewhere far “I love this weather”. Asked Razin

- There is an old castle in the Nord on a mountain top, I used to go and play there with my friends. There is an old armor and helmet that have green gemstones like the ones on my bracelet. My mother told me stories when I was little, about a legendary warrior that wore the armor in a great battle against an evil demon a long time ago. Said Erik

- Can I stay here by the fire while you go and fetch that armor? Asked Razin

- No you won’t, you will come with us. Erik do you have a fur coat, boots and a hat for these freezing idiot? Asked Angeni

- Yes immediately. Said Erik

- Persians no wonder we beat you every time, the first sign of cold and you freeze. I am going out for a while. Said Theseus

- What was with you the moment you saw Theseus for the first time? Asked Angeni

- The name of the Thespian Captain that held the line at Thermopylae was Theseus. Said Razin

- So, I figure there must be thousand of men with that name. Said Angeni

- It’s not only that, I saw an old drawing it looked just like him. From what I understand that my father told me before I left, these portals open to other places and time. The portal for Greece must be 150 years in the past. Said Razin

- I don’t understand. Said Angeni

- About 150 years ago, my great grandfather invaded Greece. He conquered the northern cities, after that the only way to reach the southern cities was through a mountain pass. About 5000 soldiers held the line for 3 days against 200 000 thousand of my great grandfathers army.

- What happened to him after the battle? Asked Angeni

- Rested in peace. He and his men gave their lives defending the pass. A year later they defeated us and we had to withdraw from Greece.

After a while, Erik came back with some clothes for Razin. He got dressed and they left immediately for the castle. Walking through a snow storm on the shore of a river, they entered a dark spooky forest. As they passed ruins from an old time a red grey mist enveloped them. Demons rouse from the depths of earth. Shadowy appearances charged them from all sides. Our Heroes made a stand, Razin cast of the fur coat, took out his sword and lunched himself at the demons. Slashing left and right he cut down half a dozen of them. Theseus used his long spear to kill them or keep them at a distant while Angeni pulled out her bow, shoot them right between the eyes. Erik pulled out a large hammer that was casting out thunders, jumped to in the battle back to back with Razin. After a tiring skirmish they defeated the deamons and continued their walk, through the freezing snow. Afterwards a long and cold walk, our heroes reached the castle. As they reached the door it immediately opened and a strange voice whispered “Come”. They slowly walked in the castle, passing from room to room until they reached a stairway that seemed to lead straight to the tallest of the towers. While thinking what to do next, the strange voice whispered again “Come, don’t be afraid”.

As they reached the top of the tower, entered this large room, and in in the back there was this old stone throne on which there was an armor set and beside it the ghost of a man.

- Come on take it, the Dark one must not escape. Said the apparition before it vanished

They walked for the throne, left and right there where paintings, statues all covered by dust. Erik grabbed the armor, tried to put it on and it came on just like a glove. As they got out of the room the ghost appeared once more and said.

- Take care the Dark one is devious. And after that he disappeared forever.

The next thing they did after reaching the village was to sit beside the fire and defrosted. Angeni asked Erik

- Would you like to join us in our journey?

- Yes, why not. First thing tomorrow we’ll make our way to the portal. Said Erik

- Let’s go to sleep know. Said Razin

The next day Erik rounded up a couple of soldiers. Razin approached him and asked

- If I can count correct, there are 40 soldiers here. What are you going to do with 40 men?

- I knew about the story you told Angeni the other night. You almost got beaten by 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians. As the vast Persian army numbering the millions got halted by a few brave Greeks. Said Erik while he had a great laughter

Passed back through the portal and as they were entering the temple Razin and his friends found themselves in a battlefield. The room was enveloped by a grey red mist, soldiers fighting everywhere with these strange ghosts. The moment they drew out there weapons and the gemstones stated to shine most of the ghost disappeared. After getting rid of what remained, the Captain ran straight to Razin.

- Sir the gate is closed, but as soon as you left this mist enveloped the room and ghost appeared. We took heavy casualties at first, but after we regrouped we realized to push them back. Said the Captain

- I hope you worked as a team. Said Razin

- Yes sir, the Greeks are helping us a lot. They have cunning ideas and are not afraid of anything. Said the captain

- I will inspect the door now. Come with me Captain. Angeni, Erik, Theseus you can rest for the day. We will continue tomorrow with our search.

Walking through rubble and bodies the Prince became melancholic, seeing all those men lying there dead of wounded. The door was still standing, well reinforced with tree trunks and rubble.

- Another three portals and I don’t know what will happen after that. What do you think? Asked Razin

- Well Sir, I don’t have any idea. We can’t hold this position without reinforcements and supplies for long. Said the Captain

- I thought so. Tomorrow I will pass alone through the portal to this Island here. And he took out the map and showed the captain a large island right on the coast with China. Angeni, Theseus and Erik will go to this southern continent here, he pointed for a large continent left of Africa.

- Why are you going alone? Asked the Captain

- I don’t know, I just feel that I must go alone on this one. Said Razin

Skirmishes all around the temple and outside kept them awake most of the night. The ghosts, demons and other evil creatures won’t give up until they free the Dark one. Razin passed through the portal and found himself on a mountain top. Looking around he saw a monastery close to the portal. Took a walk on this old road for it, at the half of the road towards the temple he stopped by a well to drink fresh water. After he had a cup of water he sat down near the fountain. As he closed his eyes for a moment he heard the nice voice of a young girl.

- Hey there stranger. Lost? Asked the girl

- Not quite, but you may say that I haven’t the slightest idea where I am. Lovely the ring it has a shine green gemstone, like my necklace. Let me guess, your grandmother gave it to you? Asked Razin

- Yes how did you know? Asked the girl

- First of all, my name is Razin. I am on a journey to recover long lost artifacts with green gemstones just like your ring. There from an old time, special objects that can be used to defeat evil, or let us communicate with each other.

- Nice to meet you my name is Ai. My grandmother told me an old legend about something similar, and that this ring is special but I thought there were only fairy tales. Said Ai

- Well trust me, there no fairy tales. I have been running around the past few days through strange portals, fighting off ghosts, demons and much more. Said Razin

- So what artifact are you looking for know? Asked Ai

- I haven’t got the slightest idea. Only thing I know is that I must find something with green gemstones. Said Razin

- Well get up then, the only thing around here with green gemstones like mine is a wand and a fan. Said Ai

- Why don’t we rest here for a while? Asked Razin

- Ok, let me just slide next to you. So where are you from? Asked Ai

- From a distant place, named Persia. I am from this little remote city in the middle of the desert right on the side of a mountain. You? Asked Razin

- From that palace over there. Said Ai

- The one that smoke is coming out of? Asked Razin

- Yes… What smoke? My father…

They ran though the forest; Razin was trying to keep up the pace with Ai, struggling to breath, his heart beating like crazy. They reached the castle in a few minutes; the guards were overwhelmed so they got in the castle through a secret entrance. After they climbed an endless stairway Razin and Ai reached the throne room. The moment that our heroes entered the room a Dark Knight surrounded by a black mist killed Ai’s father. Ai ran straight to her father, Razin took his sword out and attacked the Dark Knight. Their swords clashed several times, with every hit each one was studding the other.

To guess the opponents next move, weakness or just waiting for a moment of haziness from the other. The doors of the throne room opened, and several demons entered the room. Razin jumped to defend Ai, with the Prince busy the Dark Knight escaped. After rapidly dealing with the demon Razin found a hand full of soldiers to protect Ai. It wasn’t hard for him to find the path the Dark Knight took. He left a dark mist as a trail behind that lead straight through a forest towards a cave. As he walked closer and closer towards the cave the mist got thicker and thicker. The moment, he entered the cave, his eyes saw a grey red portal not like the ones he went through. Passing through he found himself in a dark ruin of a temple. Moments after he reached the other side the Dark knight spoke to him.

- Razin Prince of Persia, you were foolish to follow me here. Didn’t your father tell you about me? Asked the Dark Knight

- He forgets insignificant thing. Said Razin

- Insignificant… said the Dark Knight after he laughed… I am the commander of the Dark ones armies. I am going to conquer in his name all that is seen and heard. And now I am going to kill the chosen one. Said the Dark Knight

He jumped to hit Razin but he missed. The Prince saw a change and took it, with a flick of his hand took out his sword and took a swing at the Dark Knight. Using sorcery he disappeared into the mist that was slowly enveloping the room. The moment the Dark Knight exited the mist, he was hit, by an orb of lightning that throw him across the room. In that moment Razin ran towards the Dark Knight and as he stabbed him all the mist disappeared. As he was dying the Dark Knight looked at Razin and said “Thank you” after that he disappeared just like the mist.

Turning back he saw Ai standing there looking at him with this old book in her hand.

- O yeah, beside the fan and wand there was this old dusty book. Said Ai with a smile on her face

- I told the guards to keep you safe, there in the castle walls. Said Razin

- Well may I remind you that I am a princess and you just a strainger. Said Ai

They both walked through the portals and back to the old temple. Moments after they sat down and had something to eat, Angeni, Erik and Theseus came running back. A arrow came through as well and hit the temple wall only a few inches from Razin’s head.

- I see you brought me a souvenir, how was it? Asked Razin

- Don’t even ask. Said Theseus and Erik and they left

- Hey my name is Angeni. What is your name?

- Hello my name is Ai.

- Now that you have meet. Could you please tell me what happened? Asked Razin

- We found ourselves in this odd temple, in the middle of a human sacrifice. They took this man’s heart out right before our very eyes. And after that they started running after us, with these strange weapons. They didn’t even where clothes. The savages said Angeni

- Looks like you had quite an adventure. Said Ai

- Adventure? They ran after us a couple of times. Before we could take this cup, from this stone table that had blood all over it, the same table they sacrificed that poor man earlier. Said Angeni

- Now just one more portal. Who knows what is on the other side, but we will find tomorrow. First we will get a good night rest.

The next day they passed through the last portal. Finding themselves in the middle of a jungle, a couple of seconds later their ears heard the roar of an animal. They turned back, looking all around them. All sorts of sounds one after another made them tremble in fear. Trees started to fall not far away, and after that a second of peace and tranquility that seemed an eternity. A large lizard came through knocking down the trees.

- Run. Shouted Razin

And so they did. Ran from this four meter high lizard. It had large legs, but small hands, it’s head was huge filled with teeth so sharp they could go through shields like butter, with only one bite it could swallow a hole human. They hid in these cave, where they encountered bats that game them a good spoke as they flew right pass them.

- After I change my pants. What are we going to do with that thing out side? Asked Razin

- I can use a sleeping spell on it. Said Ai

- Ok, I think that could work. Said Razin

The lizard was a few meters from the cave entrance. Ai took out her spell book, started chanting and a small orb appeared in her hand. As she said the final lines the magical orb flew towards the lizard, and hit him between the eyes. He fell asleep immediately.

- It’s like watching a big featherless chicken sleep. Said Theseus

- Well leave it alone, if it wakes up you’re going to be dinner. Said Angeni

As they walked through the jungle, they saw loots and loots of different lizards, of all shapes and sizes.

- This land is so strange. Said Razin

- Yes, but imagine what you could do with these beats it you tame them. Said Erik

- I agree with you. The Greek army could conquer the world with these animals. Said Theseus

- We should keep a close eye on these two. They could do something stupid. Whispered Angeni to Razin and Ai

They reached a ruin of a temple. Made their way through the rubble to this small room. All that could be found there was this old staff that had this green crystal orb.

- A wand, fan, book and know a staff. It seems that someone up there really likes you. Said Razin

- Not only up there. Whispered Theseus to Erik

- Shut up. Whispered Erik back

- O come on stop it, nobody up there likes me. Let’s get back to the temple. Said Ai

All of them walked back to the portal, passed by the “big sleeping featherless chicken” back to the temple. The moment they got back the Captain came running towards Razin.

- My Prince, the door…

- Take your time, breath a little gather your thoughts. Said Razin

- We can hear noise from the other side and pounding. Said the Captain

- Is there any danger that the door can come down? Asked Razin

- Not for now my Prince, but I don’t know how much can it take. Said the Captain

- We will see. Go rest for a while. I am going to guard the door. Said Razin

After a while of looking through her book Ai came to Razin to show him something.

- Hey there, what are you up to? Asked Ai

- Nothing, just getting bored. What is it? Asked Razin

- I found some interesting spells, that I think we can use against the Dark one. Said Ai

- Can I have a look through your book? Asked Razin

- Yes, here take it. I am so tired and hungry. Said Ai

- I think Angeni is cooking something good outside. I can smell it from here. Why don’t you go eat something and take a little nap? Asked Razin

- I think I will. See you later. Bye. Said Ai

- Bye.

Looking through the book all night Razin found some interesting spells. One of them allowed a person to pass through walls, another one that freezes someone, another that shrinks someone or something. While reading he came upon these old text that enlightened his mind. The next morning after a good night sleep he woke the others up, had a nice meal and spoke to them.

- While I was reading your lovely book Ai I found a way to stop the Dark One. But you must trust me. Come with me, to the gate… when they reached it he asked… Ai can you use this spell so we could go through the gate?

- Yes I think I can. Why? Asked Ai

- We must go into the prison of the Dark One. The spell to keep him imprisoned can only be used on the other side. Said Razin

- What are you mad? Asked Theseus

- Yeah going into the belly of the beast. Said Erik

- I know this must be hard, but it’s the only way. Come on Ai start your magic. Said Razin

Ai started chanting and as she finished the spell they passed through the other side. They found just a large library, enveloped by the same grey and red mist. Razin told Ai

- Start putting the spell on the gate. The rest of you stay here, and whatever you do don’t listen to what the Dark one tells you; don’t let him get to you. I am going for a little walk.

The Prince started walking through these book shelves. Reached this throne on which a man all dressed in black was sitting.

- The Dark One…. And Razin laughed….I know that here you don’t have any powers only if I let you.

- You should be afraid of me. I brought down a whole civilization. Said the Dark One

- No, they brought themselves down. Becoming to corrupt they let the darkness into their hearts. You manipulated them just like you did with that soldier; you promised him the position of commander, the dream of any soldier. It seems my friend has finished her job. I am going to leave you know to rot here alone for ever. Said Razin

- You can keep me looked up here forever. But know this darkness can be found in every soul. Said the Dark one

- Yes but as long as one spark of light exists in the world you will never win. Hope I never see you again. Said Razin while he turned his back and started walking away.

He reached the gate, where Theseus asked him

- Aren’t we going to kill him?

- We can’t. We can only keep him closed down here and to take care that he is well looked up in our hearts as well.

They walked through the gate back in the temple. After they got back an earthquake hit the temple and they had to leave back through the portals.

Theseus and Erik saluted Razin and left with their troops. Angeni hugged him and Ai and after that she left as well. The captain took the soldiers and left.

- Hey Princes would you like someone to help you rebuild your palace? Asked Razin as everything was falling apart all around them.

- But don’t you have one of your one to take care of? Asked Ai

- Yeah but my father and brothers will do that. So what about my proposal? Asked Razin

- I don’t know. Said Ai

-O come on let’s go through the portal and see on the other side. Said Razin

They found themselves on the other side walking towards a palace in ruin. Razin and Ai entered the palace garden, sat down on a bench and as the sun was slowly setting so did they slowly come closer one to the other. And as the sun was showing its final rays of light and the night enveloped the world they show a shooting star.

- What did you wish for? Asked Ai

- For a kiss. Said Razin

- From whom? Asked Ai

They both smiled for a moment, after the moment passed they kissed. A kiss that marked the beginning of a long and happy life.


In the present, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean a bright light started shining on the ocean floor. A team of five archaeologists was sent to investigate the source of the light. They came open this ruin of a temple. After they started to excavate through the ruble…

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